12 May 2015

Budget 2015, House of Representatives


Check against delivery

Madam Speaker, I move that the Bill for the 2015 Budget now be read a second time.

Tonight I am speaking directly to you the people of Australia.

I want to inform you of the next steps in the Government’s plan to strengthen our nation’s economy.

As we all know over the past twelve months, Australia has had to deal with its fair share of challenges.

We have stared down terrorist events in Sydney and Melbourne.

We have had to deal with a terrible drought in Queensland and New South Wales.

On the economic front, iron ore prices have fallen dramatically and the recovery in the global economy has been weaker than expected.

But I say to you, the economic plan laid down by this Government more than a year ago, is in place and it is helping us to deal with these challenges.

Through careful planning we are successfully navigating the difficult transition from a mining investment boom, to one of broader-based growth across our economy.

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