29 May 2024

Delivering new action to improve small business payment times

The Albanese Labor Government is levelling the playing field for Australia’s 2.5 million small businesses and taking new action to improve payment times.

Today the Government has introduced legislation to overhaul the Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 (the Act), which will target payment times, terms and practices of big corporations to their small business suppliers.

These reforms will be a shot in the arm for small businesses with faster payment times improving cash flow, alleviating administrative burdens and reducing financing costs.

The legislation ensures the Payment Times Reporting Regulator has the appropriate tools to deliver better payment outcomes for small businesses.

It will also reduce regulatory burdens for the big businesses required to report, streamline processes and remove inefficiencies in the Act.

Introduction of this legislation helps deliver on the Albanese Labor Government’s response to the 2023 Emerson Review of the Act, and underscores our commitment to improve payment times to small businesses.

This response also includes increasing pressure on big businesses to improve payment times by highlighting the best and worst payment performers.

The Government has committed $33.4 million in new funding to implement reforms that will improve payment times for small businesses.

Better payment times benefit everyone with resulting gains to productivity, supporting higher wages and profits, and expanding employment opportunities.

This is just one way the Albanese Labor Government is supporting Australia’s small businesses.

The Government’s Small Business Statement in the recent Budget outlines more than $640 million in targeted supports for small businesses to ease pressure, support small businesses to grow, and level the playing field.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Small Business, Julie Collins MP:

“Labor is working to level the playing field and ensure small businesses are paid on time.

“This is a matter of fairness. Big businesses should not take advantage of Australia’s 2.5 million small businesses by failing to pay them on time.

“Better payment times isn’t just good for small businesses – a strong small business sector is good for workers, good for the economy and good for Australia.

“Our Government will continue to deliver a better deal for small businesses, with more than $640 million in targeted support outlined in our Small Business Statement.”