23 October 2023

Next step in new era for housing

The Albanese Government welcomes tomorrow’s board meeting of Housing Australia, its first following its commencement earlier this month. 

Housing Australia is dedicated to improving housing outcomes by supporting efforts to increase the supply of homes for Australians. 

It is responsible for administering programs such as the Home Guarantee Scheme, the Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator and the National Housing Infrastructure Facility. 

Housing Australia will also be responsible for delivering social and affordable rental homes under the Albanese Government’s $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund, and funds committed under the National Housing Accord for new affordable rental housing. 

These programs will deliver an additional 40,000 new social and affordable rental homes. 

The Albanese Government has also appointed Ms Catherine (Cathie) Armour as a part-time member to the Housing Australia Board for a five-year period. 

This marks the Government’s first appointment of a member to Housing Australia’s Board since its commencement. 

Ms Armour has significant experience in investment banking, law and regulation.  

The Government thanks Ms Teresa Dyson for her service to the Housing Australia Board. 

The appointment of Ms Amour will continue the high level of skills and experience available to Housing Australia to help implement the Albanese Government’s ambitious housing policy agenda.