Address to the AFR Property Summit, Sydney

Acknowledgments omitted. Australians deserve a housing system that is well‑supplied and well‑functioning.

Statement on a significant matter - National Homelessness Week

This week our nation is once again marking Homelessness Week. Across the country Homelessness Week is a time for reflection and a time for action.

Address to the Property Council Leaders Summit, Parliament House, Canberra

As I said back in February – and on countless occasions since – we don’t have enough homes. We need to build more of the right homes in the right places.

Address to the Housing and Homelessness Forum, Darwin

Everyone gathered here today would be well aware that Australia is facing a significant number of housing and homelessness challenges, with real consequences for individuals and families.

Address to the National Franchise Convention, Gold Coast

Opportunity was a strong theme underpinning last week’s Budget.

Address to First National Real Estate Conference, Hobart

It’s not often I get to talk about all my portfolio responsibilities at the one conference.

Address to CHIA Victoria Conference, Melbourne

Introduction I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with you all today.

Launch of State of the Nation's Housing Report, Sydney

The National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation – NHFIC – has done an important job with the State of the Nation’s Housing report.

Address to COSBOA National Small Business Summit, Melbourne

I’ve had the honour of meeting some amazing small business people in recent months.

Launch of the ESG Community Housing Standard, Melbourne

I am delighted to join you today at the launch of an ESG Reporting Standard for Australian Community Housing.

Second reading speech, Housing Australia Future Fund Bill 2023

Today marks a turning point. With the Bills I introduce today, this government is turning the page on a wasted decade of national housing policy in Australia.

Address to the Property Council Housing Thought Leadership event, Parliament House, Canberra

Today we are here to launch the report, A Stark Reality. The word ‘stark’ is spot on. The stark reality is that the nation is at a critical turning point.


Address to the Queensland Housing Summit, Brisbane

Acknowledgments omitted. Thank you for the invitation to join you today.

Address to the National Homelessness Conference 2022, Canberra

Acknowledgments omitted. Housing and a sense of home is a basic human need, and housing is fundamental to the wellbeing of all Australians.