9 February 2012

Minister reminds BAS and tax agents to renew registration

Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Small Business Mark Arbib today reminded BAS and tax agents to apply to the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) to renew their registration before it expires on 1 March 2012.

Senator Arbib said tax agents and BAS agents in business needed to be registered with the Board to continue legally providing tax agent or BAS services for a fee or other reward. 

"BAS and tax agents are an essential part of the tax system, with tax agents lodging more than 70% of income tax returns for individuals and more than 95% of business tax returns," Senator Arbib said. 

"Agent registration is an essential element in protecting consumers. It provides assurance and confidence to the community that their agent meets appropriate standards of professional and ethical conduct.

"BAS agents who submit a complete application before their current registration expires will remain registered until they hear back from the Board about their application. The Board will accept renewal applications up to 29 February 2012."

Tax Practitioners Board Chair Dale Boucher said a transitional registration was available for those BAS agents who don't think they will meet all the standard eligibility criteria by the time their current registration expires. 

"This gives agents at least another 12 months to complete their standard educational or experience requirements to remain a BAS agent and be ready to renew early in 2013," Mr Boucher said.

BAS and tax agents can renew online via the website www.tpb.gov.au.  Questions regarding the registration or renewal process can be sent to notifiers@tpb.gov.au or call 1300 362 829.

The Board was established on 1 March 2010. It replaced the State-based Tax Agents' Boards in regulating tax agents and now BAS agents.

The Board plays an important role in helping to protect taxpayers who use the services of tax and BAS agents.  It registers agents, handles complaints and provides guidance on the professional and ethical standards to be observed by agents.

You can check whether an agent is registered by looking at the Tax Practitioners Board Register at www.tpb.gov.au.