2 April 2020

Appointments to the Takeovers Panel

The Morrison Government has appointed or reappointed 16 part-time members to the Takeovers Panel each for a three-year period.

Mr Anthony Jarvis, Kristen Jung, Mr Michael Lishman and Mr James Stewart have been appointed to the Panel.

The following members have been reappointed;

Ms Yasmin Allen, Ms Paula Dwyer, Ms Karen Evans-Cullen, Ms Michelle Jablko, Mr Ian Jackman SC, Mr Christian Johnston, Ms Rebecca Maslen-Stannage, Mr Robert McKenzie, Ms Diana Nicholson, Ms Tara Page, Mr Neil Pathak and Mr David Williamson.

The newly appointed and reappointed members will join the President of the Takeovers Panel, Mr Alex Cartel and 29 other part-time members.

The Takeovers Panel is the primary dispute resolution forum during takeover bids, comprising of individuals with expertise in mergers and acquisitions practice who are able to bring a commercially orientated approach to deliberations.

The Panel's role is to improve the certainty, efficiency and fairness of Australia's takeovers market by resolving disputes in a fair, timely, consistent, informal and sound manner, and publishing clear, well-developed guidance.