22 March 2022

Consultation open on options to improve ancillary fund regulation

The Australian Government is consulting on ways to reduce red tape for Australia’s philanthropy sector.

The Government is consulting on options for increased flexibility in the operation of ancillary funds, particularly by improving the ability of ancillary funds to support large projects or transfer assets to other ancillary funds that are better placed to support on‑the‑ground charities.

Ancillary funds play a significant role in Australian philanthropy by providing a bridge between donors and the thousands of deductible gift recipients that contribute to Australia’s wellbeing through their work in welfare, education, research, arts, health, volunteer emergency services and the environment.

In 2018‑19, ancillary funds held more than $10 billion in net assets and provided benefits of $9.6 million to other deductible gift recipients.

The Government welcomes views on these policy options and other suggestions on how the operation of ancillary funds could be improved to support philanthropy in Australia.

The discussion paper is available on the Treasury website. Submissions are sought by 6 May 2022.