6 August 2020

Extension to Victorian Homebuilder construction commencement timeframe

To provide certainty and confidence to Victorian HomeBuilder participants, the construction commencement timeframe will be extended to six months given the unique COVID-19 restrictions throughout the state.

To be eligible for HomeBuilder, construction must commence within three months of an eligible building contract being signed.

An important measure included in HomeBuilder’s design allows states and territories to extend this timeframe, by up to three months, where commencement is delayed due to unforeseen factors outside the control of the parties of the contract.

Given the unique lockdown affecting Melbourne, as well as restrictions throughout regional Victoria, the decision to extend the commencement timeframe made by the Victorian Commissioner of State Revenue provides certainty and confidence to applicants and builders alike.

The construction industry is a key to our nation’s economic success and the need for clear and effective guidelines to ensure as many jobs of tradies are protected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is vital.

The Morrison Government will continue to work with industry stakeholders and state and territory Governments as we deal with the economic effects of COVID-19.