19 May 2021

Grocery unit pricing here to stay

The Morrison Government is committed to ensuring consumers have the right information when they shop for groceries to get the best value for their money.

Following a Treasury-led review, the Unit Pricing Code of Conduct will be remade before it sunsets on 1 October 2021.

This will mean that grocery retailers subject to the Code must continue to display the price of groceries using common units of measurement, such as dollars per kilogram, enabling consumers to make quick price comparisons.

In conducting a review of the Code, the Government undertook extensive consultation, including surveying almost 4,000 consumers with results indicating wide use of unit pricing information to compare goods, which saved these consumers time and money.

The Government considers the current arrangements are efficient and effective and the Code will be remade with its existing requirements continuing to apply into the future. Minor changes to reflect modern drafting practices and technology-neutral language are included in the revised Code, which has been released for public consultation on the Treasury website.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will also update its guidance to retailers to take account of feedback raised in submissions, which will assist businesses to enhance their unit price displays.

Further information is available at the Treasury website.