24 March 2021

Morrison Government levels the playing field for independent repairers

The Morrison Government has today introduced legislation into the Parliament to establish a mandatory scheme for the sharing of motor vehicle service and repair information. This ground‑breaking legislation will level the playing field for the automotive repair sector, increasing competition and consumer choice.

The scheme will, for the first time, require car manufacturers to make information about service and repair of their vehicles available for purchase by independent repairers and registered training organisations at a fair market price.

“There are nearly 35,000 automotive service and repair businesses in Australia, employing over 106,000 Australians,” Minister Sukkar said.

“We need a strong service and repair industry to keep Australia’s 19.8 million vehicles on the road. Currently, around one in ten vehicles taken to repair workshops in Australia are affected by a lack of access to service and repair information. In Europe and the United States, similar schemes are delivering lower repair and maintenance costs for consumers.”

The Government recognises the important role industry will play in ensuring the success and effectiveness of this scheme. As part of these reforms, a scheme adviser role will be established to assist with the mediation of disputes and report on the scheme’s operation. It is the Government’s intention to confer this role on a joint industry-led organisation that will have the technical expertise, experience and relationships within the automotive industry to support the scheme.

“We all want the same thing - consumers to be able to access servicing and repairs in a fair, competitive market, and we’re working with the five peak bodies and other industry representatives to make it happen.” Minister Sukkar said.

Subject to passage of the legislation through the Parliament, the scheme will come into effect on 1 July 2022.