27 August 2020

New safety standards for toys containing magnets

The Morrison Government has approved a new mandatory safety standard for toys with loose small high-powered magnets to help protect younger children.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s new mandatory safety standard limits toys with loose small high-powered magnets to scientific sets for children aged eight years and over.

Children are at risk of serious injury or death if they swallow small high-powered magnets contained in toys. These measures are designed to protect younger children who are more likely to swallow these hazardous magnets as they learn and play.

Under the mandatory standard, toys containing hazardous magnets must pass rigorous safety testing and will be required to carry a warning statement alerting parents to the hazard.

Suppliers will be able to comply with either the latest Australian voluntary standard for toy safety or one of the listed overseas standards. This cuts red tape and will save Australian businesses $400,000 each year through reduced compliance costs.

The new mandatory standard will be implemented over the next 12 months.

More information on the mandatory standard can be found at the Product Safety Australia website.