5 November 2007

Coalition Delivers $1.56 Billion Transport Policy for South Australia

A re-elected Coalition Government will deliver $1.56 billion for roads and rail as part of our detailed and integrated package for South Australia's road and rail network.

The South Australia Transport package that I announce today forms a key part of the Coalition's 2020 Plan for Australia's Transport Future, a comprehensive, practical plan for our local roads and national highways.

Our plan will invest $1.56 billion in building and upgrading South Australian roads and railways, including maintenance, between now and 2014.

I am pleased to announce that a key part of this package is $430 million for important highway upgrades in regional South Australia.

Additionally, Adelaide will greatly benefit from $766.5 million invested in its urban road network.

A re-elected Coalition Government will fund $430 million for the following road projects in regional South Australia:

  • $120 million to construct the Port Wakefield Bypass;
  • $80 million for the Dukes Highway including safety upgrades, widening, overtaking lanes and pavement reconstruction;
  • $70 million for Sturt Highway upgrades;
  • $64 million for Port Wakefield to Port Augusta upgrade;
  • $56 million towards upgrades on the Stuart Highway; and
  • $40 million for further upgrading of the Eyre Highway.

Funding for road projects in urban Adelaide includes:

  • $279 million for the Northern Expressway, bringing our total commitment up to $425 million;
  • $250 million by 2014 towards the South Road Upgrade including overpasses at Grand Junction Road and Cormack Road/Wingfield rail line, with a total of $1 billion being provided by 2020;
  • $100 million as our contribution towards duplicating the Southern Expressway in Adelaide's south, with the South Australian Government to pay the remaining costs;
  • $65 million to commence construction on the new Port Wakefield Road;
  • $40 million for the Port Wakefield to Adelaide upgrade, including shoulder sealing; and
  • $32.5 million for the interim upgrade of Gepps Cross.

The following critical freight rail projects worth $165 million will also be funded :

  • $120 million for the grade separation of the Goodwood and Torrens Junctions;
  • $30 million for Adelaide to Kalgoorlie rail crossing loops;
  • $12 million to plan the grade separation of the Stuart Highway and Hesso Rail; and
  • $3 million for the Adelaide Hills Rail Study that will examine the viability of the current line versus alternative solutions, including impacts on Adelaide Hills residents, industry and the rail network to the north of Adelaide.

A re-elected Coalition Government will increase maintenance funds for the preservation of the AusLink National Network in South Australia and provide $196 million over the five years of AusLink 2.

The onus is now on the State Government to contribute their share and work with us so that we can deliver a greatly improved road network for South Australia.

Our commitments build on projects in South Australia already completed or currently underway including :

  • $150.5 million for the Sturt Highway upgrading package
  • $119.7 million for the Port River Expressway Stages 2 and 3
  • $19.6 million for Dukes Highway shoulder sealing and pavement rehabilitation
  • $14.5 million for passing lanes between Adelaide and Port Augusta
  • $4.65 million for the Hampstead/Mullers/Regency Roads intersection in Adelaide.

The Coalition is able to invest in important roads like this because we have managed a strong economy and we have more plans for future growth.

Our plan invests in a strategic and targeted manner in order to ensure a safe and efficient transport network to move families from home to work and goods from producers to consumers.