13 November 2007

Coalition will deliver $10 Million for Wanneroo Road Upgrade

A re-elected Coalition Government will deliver $10 million towards the upgrade of Wanneroo Road, Treasurer Peter Costello announced today.

The Treasurer made the announcement with Liberal Candidate for Cowan, Luke Simpkins.

This announcement is part of the Coalition’s 2020 plan for Australia’s Transport Future, an integrated vision tackling local roads and national highways.

The Coalition will deliver $10 million towards upgrading Wanneroo Road to a dual carriageway between Wallawa Street and Joondalup Drive, with entry and exit slip lanes and embayments. The total project cost is estimated by Main Roads WA to be $16 million.

The Treasurer said the funding will be delivered through the Coalition’s Strategic Regional programme and will be capped at $10 million. The Western Australian Government will be required to fund all other costs as Wanneroo Road is a state road.

Today’s announcement builds on the Coalition’s previous investment of $10 million towards the Hepburn Avenue upgrade and extension.

Liberal Candidate Luke Simpkins warmly welcomed the Treasurer’s announcement and said that this funding would deliver the upgrade of Wanneroo Road that the residents of Carramar, Tapping, Ashby, Wanneroo and Sinagra need for the future.

“The current road is a single carriageway with narrow shoulders and some bends. Family vehicles are competing with heavy trucks for space. That’s why I have been fighting to secure this upgrade and, like the community, I am delighted with the Treasurer’s announcement today,” Mr Simpkins said.

The Coalition is able to invest in important roads like this because we have managed a strong economy and we have more plans for future growth.

A Labor Party that has 70 per cent former union officials on its front bench will not be able to keep our economy strong.

Our plan invests in a strategic and targeted manner in order to ensure a safe and efficient transport network to move families from home to work and goods from producers to consumers.