23 October 2007

Resources to Battle Anti-Social Behaviour in Northern Suburbs, Launceston CBD and George Town

Today I am announcing funding of up to $450,000 for the installation of closed-circuit cameras and other measures to combat street racing and anti-social behaviour in the Northern Suburbs, Launceston CBD and George Town.

Anti-social behavior is a major concern for the Launceston area, and the State Labor Government has failed to provide enough resources to allow its police patrols to address the issue.

The Member for Bass, Michael Ferguson MP, has been representing the interests of the residents of the area for some time by asking the Tasmanian government to help reduce crime and other anti-social behaviour.Despite those pleas, the community continues to live in fear caused by the reckless driving and other hooning that is rife in these areas.This funding will enable the local council to purchase a mobile closed-circuit television (CCTV) system that will allow the police to closely monitor the road and respond quickly to further incidences of street racing.It will also allow the police to photograph the number plates of the vehicles involved.

Local residents are also concerned about street crime and anti-social behaviour.The installation of CCTV systems will help ensure that any criminal activity is picked up and dealt with swiftly.

We will seek funding from local councils to supplement our commitment of up to $450,000.

This funding will be provided through the Coalition’s successful National Community Crime Prevention Programme. This programme has already delivered $54 million to local communities over the past four years to combat crime and anti-social behavior.

I would like to pay tribute to the local Member, the Hon Michael Ferguson MP, for campaigning on behalf of local residents for funding to address this issue.