26 September 2001

Deductibility Of Gifts To The Australian Red Cross American Disaster Fund

The Assistant Treasurer Senator Rod Kemp, announced that effective from 10 September 2001 (being the day immediately before the disaster in America) to 10 September 2003, gifts to the value of $2 or more made to the Australian Red Cross American Disaster Fund will be deductible for income tax purposes.

The Australian Red Cross American Disaster Fund (the Fund) has been established to provide relief to the victims of the disaster in the United States of America where, on 11 September 2001, four passenger planes were hijacked by terrorists and crashed into three buildings killing thousands of people.

The victims of the disaster include the persons directly involved in the disaster and the persons indirectly involved such as families, friends and colleagues.

Donations made to the Fund will be transferred to the American Red Cross who will ensure that the donations are used to provide relief to the victims.

Tax deductible gift status will assist the Fund to attract public support for its activities.

Legislation to give effect to the Government's decision will be introduced as soon as practicable and taxpayers should ensure that they receive a receipt for their donation.


26 September 2001

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