Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993

On 8 August 2001, the Senate rejected a Bill that would have offered Australian employees the right to choose the funds which would receive their superannuation contributions.

Speech to the Small Independent Superannuation Funds Association Seminars 2001

Introduction I am very pleased to have the opportunity to talk to you today - a group of Australians who clearly treat saving and generating adequate retirement incomes as important issue

Speech to the Association of Independent Retirees, Moonee Ponds

Thank you for the invitation to be with you again at the Annual General Meeting. I have been asked to speak to you on the Government's policy for retirees.


Address to the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship

Mr. Jerry Ellis, Mr. Adrian Basora, Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for inviting me here today to take part in the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Conference Program.

Statement to the International Monetary Fund Financial Committee

In opening, we would like to take a small step back in time to pay tribute to Michel Camdessus.

MAV Annual Conference

Thank you very much for inviting me here to speak to you today.

A.S.F.A. Luncheon

Introduction Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Joint Annual Discussion - Board of Governors 2000 Annual Meetings


Development Committee Meeting

The agenda for this meeting covers important issues that face the World Bank as it seeks to strengthen its core mission: to support developing countries efforts to reduce poverty.

Keynote Address for the 4th Annual Conference of the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association

Introduction Ladies and Gentlemen I am delighted to have the opportunity to speak here today at the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association's fourth Annual Conference.

Eighth Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers

Introduction I am very pleased to have the opportunity to open this important conference, discussing issues and new research into Australia's superannuation system.

Development Committee - Sixty-First Meeting

Reducing poverty in the world's poorest countries will never be an easy task: it is indeed the greatest challenge confronting humanity today. The Bank is at the centre of our global response.

International Monetary and Financial Committee of the IMF Board of Governors

The Improving Global Economy & the Way Forward When Ministers last met we were encouraged to observe the improving world economic environment.

Conference of Major Superannuation Funds

Introduction It is a pleasure to be with you today and to talk about Australia's superannuation future.

ING Direct Launch

Thank you Vaughn for the opportunity to say a few words this afternoon at the launch of the ING Direct Savings Maximiser.

Speech Notes for the Investment and Financial Services Association Luncheon

Introduction Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to thank the Investment and Financial Services Association for inviting me to speak at this luncheon. Last July, th


International Symposium

Your Excellencies, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, regulators from the Asia-Pacific region, distinguished guests: It gives me great pleasure to address you this evening.

Speech to CABs Congress '99

State chairman, Pat Cooper, congress delegates, I am delighted to have been asked to give the opening address at your Congress today.