13 August 2004

New Edition of Australian Consumer Handbook Will Help Consumers Make Better Decisions

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, the Hon Ross Cameron MP, today launched the 2004 edition of The Australian Consumer Handbook.

"The Australian Consumer Handbook is a comprehensive guide for consumers", Mr Cameron said.

"It provides consumers with timely and relevant information on what to consider before they buy and how to complain if anything goes wrong".

"It also answers commonly asked questions on scams, warranties and refunds".

"The Handbook will assist consumers to get in touch with relevant industry, community and consumer protection bodies who offer dispute resolution services in Australia".

"It is sometimes difficult for consumers to know who to contact, or where to find consumer organisations. This is where the Handbook can help, by providing consumers with the contact details of more than 730 private, community and government organisations that offer these services."

Consumers and consumer organisations can order free copies of The Australian Consumer Handbook by calling the Consumer Publication Hotline on 1300 305 866; or by completing an online order form on Consumers Online.

Consumers can also search the contents of the Handbook through the Consumers Online website. They can search for relevant consumer organisations in their area, or in relation to specific subject matter.

Visit www.accc.gov.au to search the Handbook.