19 August 2022

Assistant Treasurer and superannuation investors visit to Indonesia and Singapore

The Australian Government is committed to strengthening our trade and investment relationships with Southeast Asia.

On behalf of the Albanese Government, I will be leading, along with the Hon. Greg Combet, a delegation of investors visiting Indonesia and Singapore from Sunday 21 August to Thursday 25 August. This delegation of large superannuation funds and their advisors will look closely at the prospects for investing in our region and have a keen focus on emerging opportunities.

As part of the delegation, I will discuss the global economic issues impacting our region and opportunities for superannuation investment into infrastructure and other priority projects. This will include in depth discussions with the newly established Indonesia Investment Authority and stakeholders in Singapore’s investment community.

This trip comes at a crucial time. Revitalising Australia’s trade and investment relations in our region remains a priority for the Albanese Government. The trip further demonstrates the Albanese Government’s commitment to strengthening ties in Southeast Asia, including with Indonesia ‑ one of Australia’s closest neighbours and Singapore – a regional and international financial centre.

In addition to discussing these important issues, I will take the opportunity to deepen bilateral relationships with these key regional partners.