Opinion piece: Never let the facts get in the way of talking the joint down

Over the years in this job, I've read countless new stories. Many are insightful, some are completely misleading or incorrect, others still are deeply irresponsible.

Opinion piece: Doomsday predictions don't stack up to reality

Today we get a read-out on how our economy was tracking in the first three months of the year with the release of the March quarter National Accounts.

Book foreword: Project republic - plans and arguments for a new Australia

After a recent speech in which I called for a renewed national conversation on an Australian republic, I was met with a curious response: 'why now?

Essay: Fair go under fire

Published by the Chifley Research Centre

Opinion piece: Getting the big calls right to protect jobs and growth

Most Daily Tele readers would've been on their way to work when they picked up this morning's paper.

Opinion piece: Forged in fair play - 80 years on from bodyline

It has been another eventful Australian summer, marked by bushfires that have once again tested some of our nation's most important values: our capacity to stick together in a crisis, help out thos


Opinion piece: We Run a Strict Budget So That You Can Balance Yours

My entire public life has been governed by a simple principle that we have a responsibility to keep our economy strong in the interests of working Australians.

Opinion Piece: Australian Growth in The New World Order

Columbus’ arrival in the Americas in 1492 heralded a European dominance of the global economy which would span five continents over five centuries.


Opinion Piece: Simple Test to Save a Bloke's Life

Nearly 23 years ago, my father Morrie Swan passed away from Prostate Cancer at the age of 67. It was a terribly sad time – especially because he suffered a lot of pain.

Opinion Piece: A Strong Community Means a Strong Economy

As both a Queenslander and a mad league fan, it was a huge honour to open the Mackay Stadium on Saturday night, which the Gillard Government helped deliver with an investment of over $11 million.

Opinion Piece: Global Recovery Requires Political Courage

The world faces a crisis of confidence. We all knew the recovery from the global financial crisis would be prolonged.