25 August 2023

Australian Securities and Investment Commission appointments

The Albanese Government has appointed Simone Constant, Alan Kirkland and Katherine O’Rourke as full-time members of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission for a term of five years.

Strong institutions are central to a strong economy.

These commissioners will ensure our corporate watchdog maintains a strong, fair, efficient and innovative financial system that delivers good outcomes for consumers and investors.

Simone Constant has extensive experience in financial services and risk management along with experience in equity and debt investment and advisory services, legal and financial markets.

Ms Constant is the current Chief Risk Officer, Institutional Bank and Markets at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia where she has worked since 2020.

Prior to that, she was with the NSW Department of Education and NSW Treasury.

Alan Kirkland has a strong background in financial markets and consumer protection.

Mr Kirkland has been the Chief Executive Officer at CHOICE since 2012 and has more than 20 years’ experience at the CEO level.

He has worked in both public and not-for-profit sectors with responsibility for shaping strategy in complex organisations.

Kate O’Rourke has significant expertise in financial services and market conduct regulation.

Ms O’Rourke is the First Assistant Secretary of the Small and Family Business Division in the Department of the Treasury and previously the Consumer Data and Digital Division where she was responsible for the regulatory design and implementation of the consumer data right economic reform.

Prior to Treasury, she was a Senior Executive at ASIC.

On behalf of the Albanese Government, I thank outgoing Commissioners Danielle Press, Sean Hughes and Karen Chester for their contributions to ASIC and to the service of Australia.

Kate will begin her role on September 11, 2023, followed by Simone and Alan on November 20, 2023.

These appointments will refresh and renew the leadership at ASIC and ensure our corporations, financial services sector and markets are effectively regulated.