28 June 2022

Moody's affirms Australia's AAA credit rating

Rating agency Moody’s has affirmed Australia’s AAA credit rating, citing Labor’s productivity enhancing reforms that focus on lifting women’s participation in the workforce through support for child care and gender pay equity, investment in skills and training, infrastructure, innovation and cleaner and cheaper energy.

Australia remains one of only nine countries to hold a AAA credit rating from the three major rating agencies, an achievement first secured by a Labor Government.

This decision by Moody’s reflects the Albanese Labor Government’s focus on quality spending to generate broader, more inclusive and more sustainable economic growth.

The Government will continue to work hard to implement our economic plan, which will help us to address the serious challenges we have inherited – including high and rising inflation, rising interest rates, falling real wages and a Budget heaving with a trillion dollars of Liberal debt.  

We welcome Moody’s decision to reaffirm Australia’s AAA credit rating, as we work to build a Budget and an economy as resilient, robust and forward-looking as the Australian people.