1 November 2023

More responsible cost-of-living relief to roll out in November


Joint media release with 

The Hon Chris Bowen MP
Minister for Climate Change and Energy

The Hon Anika Wells MP
Minister for Aged Care and Sport

The Albanese Government’s 10‑point cost‑of‑living plan ramps up today, with billions of dollars of cost‑of‑living relief being rolled out to Australian households and small businesses in November – relief that Australian Bureau of Statistics data confirmed is taking half a percentage point off inflation.

Additional cost‑of‑living relief which will roll out this month, includes:

  • Tripling of the bulk billing incentive to make it cheaper and easier to see a GP begins today – enabling more than 11 million young and low‑income Australians to access a GP with no out‑of‑pocket costs
  • Further instalments of energy rebates in November – which benefit eligible households by up to $500 and small businesses by up to $650 in total per year, and are credited to power bills throughout the year
  • Commencement of the Housing Australia Future Fund – supporting delivery of 20,000 social homes and 10,000 affordable homes across the country

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Jim Chalmers:

The world is inflicting price pressures on Australians and we are doing our best to ease them.

Our highest priority is rolling out this $23 billion in cost-of-living relief, which has been carefully calibrated and methodically designed to take some of the edge off these inflationary pressures without adding to inflation in the economy.

Our rollout of billions of dollars of cost-of-living relief ramps up again today.

Whether it’s bulk billing, energy rebates, cheaper medicines or cheaper childcare, we’re doing everything we can to responsibly ease the cost of living for Australians.

Global oil production cuts, the war in Europe and the conflict in the Middle East are contributing to price pressures globally and here at home – and many Australians are seeing the impact of this at the bowser.

We understand that Australians are under the pump, this relief will help to ease some of the pressure on people at the same time as it will help ease inflation in our economy.

We have a ten‑point plan delivering $23 billion of support that’s targeted to where it’s needed most, and more Australians will begin to benefit as we get more relief to families and small businesses that need it.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen:

“We understand energy bills are of one of the big challenges facing Australian families and small businesses.

“That’s why the Albanese Government is delivering Energy Price Relief Rebates to more than 5 million households and 1 million small businesses to provide hundreds of dollars off bills – relief the LNP voted against.

“For those households receiving energy rebates, bill increases in most jurisdictions have been completely offset and in fact have decreased by up to 18 per cent for the most vulnerable Australians.

“We are also investing in energy savings over the medium and long-term by rolling out $1.7 billion in energy upgrades across the country – including $300 million for upgrades to up to 60,000 social housing properties.”

Quotes attributable to Aged Care Minister, Anika Wells:

“We know that Australians are trying to keep up with cost of living pressures and you shouldn’t have to worry about finding affordable medical care as well.

“The tripling of the bulk billing incentive, the largest investment in bulk billing in the 40-year history of Medicare, will make it easier to see a bulk billing doctor for more than 11 million Australians.