17 August 2022

Release of Jobs and Skills Summit issues paper

The Albanese Government has today released an issues paper in preparation for the Jobs and Skills Summit.

The Summit is all about bringing people together to address the big economic challenges which have been neglected for too long.

The issues paper outlines some of the challenges we want participants to be ready to make a contribution on at next month’s Summit.

It covers five broad themes:

  • maintaining full employment and growing productivity
  • boosting job security and wages  
  • lifting participation and reducing barriers to employment  
  • delivering a high‑quality labour force through skills, training and migration  
  • maximising opportunities in the industries of the future. 

There is an overarching focus on women’s experiences of the labour market and the challenge of ensuring women have equal opportunities and equal pay. 

I am really pleased to see many employers, unions and other groups already making constructive contributions in the lead‑up to the Summit.

My colleagues and I have also been holding roundtable discussions in communities across Australia, hearing local perspectives on the challenges in the labour market.

Everyone will have the opportunity to have their say, not just the people at the Summit.

After the Summit, Treasury will accept submissions for the Employment White Paper, which will help map out the future of our skills and labour market.

Australians are paying too hefty a price for a decade of division, wasted opportunities and warped priorities.

Through the Summit and beyond, we are serious about bringing people together from right across the community to find common ground.

The Issues Paper is available on the Treasury website.