29 March 2018

Establishment of Indigenous Commissioner position at the Productivity Commission

I am pleased to announce that last night the Parliament passed legislation to establish the position of Indigenous Commissioner at the Productivity Commission.

The legislation will facilitate the Productivity Commission’s work in evaluating policies and programs that have an impact on Indigenous Australians.

Enshrining this position and policy focus into law forms part of the Government’s commitment to Closing the Gap and will ensure there is a strong evidence base to direct funding on the ground and deliver better outcomes.

The Treasury Laws Amendment (2017 Measures No. 5) Bill amends the Productivity Commission Act 1998 to create the role of Indigenous Commissioner.

The passage of this legislation was delayed after the Opposition sought to amend the standard legislative definition of ‘Indigenous person’ on the floor of Parliament. To avoid delaying this important legislation in the Senate, we have taken the pragmatic step of not including a definition of Indigenous person.