16 November 2017

Turnbull Government equals jobs

The Australian economy continues to set new records with its unprecedented growth in jobs.

Under the Turnbull Government, Australia is shaping up to have a record year for jobs. Since the start of the year, a massive 296,400 jobs have been created. That is the strongest jobs growth we have seen in the first ten months of a year in the history of the Labour Force survey. Importantly, more than 236,000 of those jobs have been full-time – proof that businesses are beginning to see better days emerging.

In the last 12 months, a 355,700 Australians went out to find a job and got one – a clear sign of the Australian economy’s strength. And since the Coalition Government came into office in 2013, more than 831,000 Australians have found a job.

There has now been 13 consecutive months of jobs growth in this country – the longest run of gains in 23 years, while the unemployment rate now sits at the lowest level in almost five years.

The Turnbull Government equals jobs.

Getting Australians into work has been our goal and primary focus, and that is exactly what we have delivered, in spades. This is proof that when you build your economy, when you have policies that encourage businesses to grow, innovate and hire more workers, Australians win.

Bill Shorten proclaimed at the beginning of the year that 2017 was all about jobs, challenging the Turnbull Government to a showdown on jobs, and promising to spend the whole year talking about employment.

"This week marks the beginning of the political contest for 2017, and first and foremost, I will make it a contest about jobs," he told the National Press Club on January 31.

"Labor intends to make, as its number one issue for 2017, the fight for Australian jobs." he said in Melbourne on January 16.

Well, the contest has been run and won, and the Opposition Leader has been found wanting.

He has barely said boo about jobs since his hollow January decrees. Politics has ruled his lips, not helping Australians get a job. In fact the only economic proposals he’s put forward all year have been more than $150 billion in higher taxes that would kill jobs growth and wreck our economy.

The Turnbull Government did not merely talk slogans and make bold announcements to win over voters. Because talking about jobs isn’t something we have to announce. It is just what we do. And we deliver what we say.

While Bill postured, we just went out and did it – putting a plan in place to see more and better paid jobs created in our economy.

And hundreds of thousands of Australians have reaped the spoils.

Those workers are to be congratulated, as are the businesses that gave them those jobs.