Address to Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne

Today, I want to talk about what I like to call the 'Fair Go Economy' that we have here in Australia.

Address to Australian British Chamber of Commerce, Sydney

Change within the banking and financial sector is not on its way. It's already here and it's now.

Address to Council on the Ageing (COTA), Sydney

Aspiration has no age limit. That’s what we believe.

Address to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, Business Breakfast, Perth, Western Australia

So I said that I'd return with an answer this time last year, and here I am and I have with the great assistance of Mathias Cormann who I'm pleased to have with me today and Ben Morton.

Address to the CEDA State of the Nation Conference, Canberra

The essential services that Australians rely on. The quality of our schools and hospitals. Medicare, the PBS and our disability services.

Address to the Federal Council, Sydney

At last year’s Federal Council, I said that as a party our job was not to persuade Australians to be on our side, but to convince and demonstrate to them that we were on theirs.

Address to the Higgins 200 Budget Breakfast, Melbourne

Mark and Nicole and Steve, he calls himself lucky Steve, you saw him in the video there, Jo and Cruz and Nick, they’re like millions of Australians today.

Address to the National Press Club, Parliament House, Canberra

The faces you have just seen, the stories you have heard, are why the Turnbull Government is focused on building a strong economy.

Budget speech 2018-19

Thank you Mr Speaker, I move that this Bill now be read a second time. "What have you achieved? What are you going to do now? What does it mean for me?"

Address to the Australian Business Economists, Sydney

Our economy is continuing to strengthen. All Australians do and must share in the benefits of a stronger economy.

Address to the AFR Banking and Wealth Summit, Sydney

Of all the features of our Australian economy, the most impressive is its resilience.

Address to the International FinTech Conference, London, United Kingdom

Thank you Chancellor for that warm introduction. It’s great to be here to talk about the close relationship that exists between Australia and the UK.

Address to the ASEAN-Australia Business Summit, Sydney

Thank you, it's an honour for the Australian Government to host this Summit.

Address to the Citibank A50 Australian Economic Forum, Sydney

2018 is a great year of economic opportunity for Australia, for Australian businesses, and for investments in Australia.

Treasury Laws Amendment Enterprise Tax Plan (No. 2) Bill summing up speech, the House of Representatives

Firstly, I thank all the members who have contributed to this debate. This Bill delivers on the remainder of the Government's Enterprise Tax Plan introduced in the 2016-17 Budget.


Address to the House of Representatives - Marriage amendment

The debate regarding same sex marriage in Australia has been settled.

Address to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 2017 Business Leaders Annual Dinner, Canberra

It’s happening, right here and right now. Our economy is shifting gears, and we are entering a new chapter of growth.

Making the right choices for better days ahead

There is now an economic consensus in Australia that the “better days ahead” I spoke about in this year’s Budget are materialising.

Address to the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific, Sydney

Thanks for your warm welcome. It’s great to be here to talk about the Government’s vision for social impact investing in Australia.

Address to the Australian British Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne

In January, I stood on a stage in London and spoke of the challenge of navigating our economy through an important transition.