Address to the FinTech Australia Collab/Collide Summit, Melbourne

Digital disruption and collaboration in financial services is changing the world.

Address to the Financial Services Council, Sydney

Good morning and thanks very much for that introduction.

Address to CEDA, Canberra

Almost a decade after the GFC hit, a brighter picture is now emerging for the global and domestic economy, providing evidence of better days ahead.

Second Reading Speech, Treasury Laws Amendment (Banking Executive Accountability and Related Measures) Bill 2017

Every day, ordinary Australians rely on the Australian financial system.

Address to Citigroup, New York

Introduction Thanks for your warm welcome and to everyone at Citigroup for once again hosting me here today. It's great to be back in New York.

Address to the Business Council of Australia, Sydney

Australia is enjoying the strongest period of job creation we have seen in decades.

Address to the Australian Computer Society, Sydney

Thank-you very much, it is great to be here. In case you are wondering it is still the most exciting time to be in Australia. It still is. This room would understand that better than any.

Address to Bloomberg, Sydney

As we move into spring, we can continue to take confidence that a brighter picture is emerging within our economy.

Address to the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Sydney

Our economic story in Australia is fundamentally an immigration story and a small business story.

Second Reading Speech, Medicare Levy Amendment Bill 2017 (National Disability Insurance Scheme Funding)

Thank you Mr Speaker. I move that this Bill be now read a second time.

Address to the Australian Industry Group, Adelaide

The Budget I handed down in May was built upon a foundation of fairness, security and opportunity. It was about making the right choices to secure the better days that are ahead.

Address to the Melbourne Institute Economic and Social Outlook Conference, Melbourne

Thank you for the invitation to once again to speak at this important forum.

Address to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA Perth Arena, Perth

Western Australia has always managed to punch above its weight when it comes to talent and leadership.

Address to the Liberal Party of Australia Federal Council, Sydney

Politics across the globe has been turned on its head. In election after election we have seen conventional politics left standing at the polls.

Foreign Investment Dialogue, Parliament House, Canberra

Thank you for the introduction, it is great to be here.

Address to the SMSF2017 Summit & Investment Expo, Sydney

It’s good to be here with you today to focus on the issues which I know are of most concern to you.

Major Bank Levy Bill 2017, Second Reading speech, Parliament House, Canberra

The Turnbull Government is committed to Australia having a world leading financial sector.

Address to the Australian Industry Group Post-Budget Dinner, Parliament House, Canberra

Introduction Economic growth doesn’t fall from the sky. It must be earned. It must be won. It must be worked for.

Address to the ACOSS Post-Budget Breakfast, Sydney

Thank you for that introduction, I am very pleased to be here to discuss issues and solutions. Today I want to talk about Housing. It’s an important social and economic issue.