Opinion piece: Policy banning unfair contracts will shield SMEs from exploitation

The cleaning companies were multi‑billion‑dollar firms, but most of their customers were small businesses. So the big firms wrote contracts that allowed them to increase their prices.

Opinion piece: Labor wants to work with business in a race to the top

With an area of around 700 square kilometres, Singapore is about 1/10,000th the size of Australia. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t have much of a mining industry.

Opinion piece: Taking action to stop tax treaty shopping

At first blush, treaty shopping might sound like a fun excursion to the gift store with your primary schooler.

Opinion piece: Census findings to reveal the big questions confronting modern Australia

In the early years after European settlement, it wasn’t called a ‘Census’, it was called a ‘muster’.

Opinion piece: It's time to make census of all your answers

The world’s first census took place in 3800 BCE. The Babylonians counted the number of people, animals, and stocks of valuable foodstuffs, such as butter, honey and wool.